Krayzie Bone “Thug on da line” – 2LP


Etichetta: Loud Records
Anno: 2001

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A1 – Ya’ll Don’t Know Me
A2 – Ride The thug Line (Feat. The Gunslingers – Keef G, Bam, Young Dre) Play
A3 – Can’t Hustle 4 ever (Feat. Larecce & Young Dre)
A4 – Talk to myself (Feat. Tiffany) Play
B1 – A Thugga’ Level (Feat. Boss) Play
B2 – Da Thugs
B3 – If they Only Knew (Feat. Lareece) Play
B4 – I don’t give a F***k
B5 – Time after time
C1 – Ride if you like (Feat. Lareece & Asu) Play
C2 – If you a thug (Feat. Lareece, K-Mont, and Asu)
C3 – Hard time Hustlin’ Play
C4 – Gemini
C5 – I don’t know what Play
D1 – Rollin’ up Some Mo’ (Feat. lareece , Asu, K-Mont, Boss & Keef G)
D2 – Everybody wanna be thugs Play
D3 – Bloody Murder (Skit)
D4 – Kneight Riduz wuz here by Kneight Riduz
D5 – Ready For Combat (Skit)
D6 – Thug On Da’ Line (Feat. K-Mont, Lareece, Asu & Wish Bone)