Folks | Clothing, Books, Vinyls and More.

We are Anna and Nicola, we’ve been together since 2006 and in 2009 we decided to open our own independent store based in the heart of Verona, Italy! We tried to find a name that suggested the idea of people, friends and family and we thought that Folks would have been perfect!

We started selecting labels that ranged from small independent brands to most known international ones that still had an attitude in which we could reflect our passions and personalities!

After 4 years, we still select item by item following our very personal taste and by choosing clothes or shoes we would wear ourselves!

Beside this, we both collect vinyls and we wanted to get the chance to include vinyls in the shop in order to spread the music we love and share it with our costumers. At Folks you can find a Lp selection that reflects our musical taste that focuses on Rock, Blues, Folk, Alternative, Electronic, Post Rock, Hard rock, Funk, Soul and some old school Hip Hop.

We even select books that deal with subjects we are interested into, like skateboarding (Nicola’s huge passion), contemporary art, music, street art, graphic design and photography.
You can find us exclusively in Verona but you can also do some crazy shopping with us straight from your sofa on!

Come and feel at home!